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Why I’m Dumping the Time Sucking LinkedIn

Like many people looking to expand their brand, I joined LInkedIn years ago. After about nine years of LinkedIn’s updates and an inane amount of requests from people to join my LinkedIn network, I’m pulling the plug.

The “world’s largest professional network” has 10 Aaron Crowes, and I’m no longer one of them.

Why? The reason is simple: It hasn’t led to any business for me.

In fact, it has led to more hassles as more and more people contact me on LinkedIn to ask if they can join my network. I’ve ignored them for years after finding that none of result in any business for me.

I originally joined with the hope of landing a job through a LinkedIn contact. That never happened. Then I hoped it would lead to writing or editing assignments. That never happened either.

If it’s friendship these people want, they can find me on Facebook. If they want to do business with me, then this site,, is the best place to find me.

There are also the two personal finance blogs I own, CashSmarter and Add-Vodka. Or find me on Twitter.

Unfortunately, LinkedIn became one of those social profile sites where I felt that if I didn’t participate enough in it — such as responding to invitations — then I was giving people the wrong message. And that’s OK if we’re not going to work together in a business relationship.

But if your point of contacting me via LinkedIn is to work together professionally, then you were probably disappointed by my lack of response.

As further proof that LinkedIn is a time suck, only minutes after disabling my account I was sent a survey invitation by LinkedIn about how to help companies retain top talent.

No thanks.


Talking About the Freelance Life on a Podcast

Is “entrepreneurship” an idea you’ve been kicking around for some time?

Do you wish you had more freedom in your day to day?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you really loved what you did?

I was recently a guest on Liz Theresa’s podcast, Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa. For those of you who don’t know, Liz is an online marketer and web designer/developer hailing from Boston who helps women launch and build online businesses they love.

Liz on Biz is all about where life and entrepreneurship intersect. The goal of the show is to help budding entrepreneurs as well as business owners who are in transition feel more equipped, less fearful, and more confident moving forward in their lives and businesses by hearing stories directly from the experts and moguls who have “made it” to the other side, so to speak.

On my episode with Liz, I got to share…

  • How to find freelance work.
  • How to price your business accurately and fairly.

Liz is a great interviewer and I had a lot of fun talking to her. In fact, she’s now helping me revamp one of my other websites,

The interview turned out AMAZING and I sincerely recommend that anyone who wants to start a business or start over in their business subscribe, listen, and leave a review.

Start listening to my episode right here.


Looking for a new business logo

I’m looking for a new business logo for, and the blue one above is my favorite so far.

Here’s another version:







Below is the current one, which I still like a lot, but I’m thinking of changing it because I want to better use the phrase “Rent a Journalist” in my logo:



I like the reporter’s notebook part of it, but I think the tagline should be more prominent.






There’s also this:

Rent logo







I’m not a big fan of it, but wonder what others think. I’ve commissioned one two more logo, which shouldn’t be ready until next week.

Updated April 22, 2016. Here are the final two:











Let me know what you think so far, and I’ll update with a final decision within a few weeks.