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Latest insurance stories

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I’ve been busy writing about insurance lately. Here are some story links to some of the insurance websites I write for:


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  • Ford gets back into the electric bike business.
  • Is your auto insurance agent trustworthy?
  • Ride sharing insurance needs.
  • Honda the most reliable car.

New client:

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I’m writing for the blog of another insurance website: I’m always thrilled to add new clients, and for this one I’m writing a weekly blog post relating to life insurance.

As I do for other clients as a personal finance freelance writer, these blog posts will include original sourcing from experts in the field to create original content for the blog. Here are some of the recent stories I’ve done for this site:

I’m always looking for story ideas, so if you have story pitches around life insurance, please send them to me.


Back to writing for AOL


I’ve returned to AOL as a freelance writer, writing about personal finance and real estate for two of its websites.

At Daily Finance, you can find my stories under my bio. Some topics I’ve covered include:

  • How a hot credit score is sexy.
  • Minimalism through small houses.
  • The biggest tax cheaters.
  • Things you shouldn’t buy your kids.



I also write for AOL Real Estate, covering a range of topics. You can find all of my stories under my bio. Here are a few stories I’ve written for them:

  • New York’s Plaza Hotel for sale.
  • New rules for reverse mortgages for couples who differ in age.
  • Legality of drones in real estate listings.
  • Real estate agents dropping commissions.