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$6.50 per story

Some interesting jobs can be found on Craigslist, but often not ones that pay well. There are so many lousy paying jobs for writers on Craigslist and elsewhere that I could provide daily updates on the outlandish ones.

I recently came across an ad for a website looking for comedy writers. I have a good sense of humor, so I wrote to the generic email to see what it was about and if they could use my services.

They could, but at $6.50 per post of about 200 words. I won’t say here what the website was, because I don’t want to embarrass the owner. It’s an interesting site that uses humor in short reviews of a related site that is much bigger.

I politely declined the job assignment, saying that $6.50 for one story doesn’t work for me as a freelance writer.

Here’s part of the email they sent me: Continue reading


Laid off again

For the second time in almost three years, I’ve been laid off. This time, however, it wasn’t due to the economy failing, but because it’s doing so well.

AOL bought Huffington Post for $315 million, then decided to go with full-time writers and not freelancers such as myself for its website “content.”

I’m still around, writing and editing as a freelance journalist. I’m starting a website aimed at helping dads and families save money, and so far have a Facebook page called ValueDad.

I continue writing for Dealnews about the psychology of shopping and related topics, and I have a few other websites I’ll be writing for soon (regularly or not hasn’t been determined yet), so check back for more details. I’ll be writing about family finances for one site, hopefully starting this week, so if you have story pitches in that area, I’m all ears.

I hired a business coach today, who will help me as I start a website aimed at dads seeking personal finance information. And I’m also planning to reinvent myself as a provider of blogs/stories for corporate websites based on the personal finance work I’ve done at WalletPop and elsewhere.

To all the PR people and others pitching me story ideas, I’m still interested and for now will be focusing on shopping and family finances for the sites I continue to write for. I hope to expand into more areas, but plan on focusing on personal finance. I’m also continuing representing clients in public relations, helping them get their messages out.

For fun, here’s some of the letter I got this morning, alerting me to being laid off:

Hi there –

Thank you very much for your contributions to AOL. As we have discussed on calls and in emails, going forward our editorial direction is to build a great team of full-time editors, writers, and reporters.  To that end, we are reducing the scope of AOL’s freelancer program.

The adventure begins again.