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Rockland Trust

Writing entire business banking site for Rockland Trust


Last year I did a lot of work for Rockland Trust, a bank in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The work is finally published on the bank’s website, and is part of a redesign of the site and reworking of how it tries to get business clients.

I wrote the entire Business Banking area of the website, writing about 50 posts. It was a lot of work and I’m very proud of how it turned out.

Screen shot 2016-04-19 at 10.14.43 AM

The topics included how to start a business, managing employees, business loans, and business growing strategies, among many others.

I can do the same for your business, writing stories that will get readers to your website so they can become customers. Contact me for more information.

Rockland Trust

A new client: ApprovalGuard

I’ve been writing since November 2015 for ApprovalGuard, a credit scoring website, and I’ve been so busy that I forgot to write a blog post about it here.

I write on the site’s blog about once per week, covering news on credit cards and advice on how to improve credit scores, among other topics.

I’ve also written about how to live without a credit card, using a credit card wisely during the holidays, and what to know about Costco’s change of credit cards. Check the blog each week for new stories.



Writing City Press Releases

press releases

I’m expanding my services to writing press releases for city governments, a field that I think is underserved.

I’m currently writing a few press releases each month for the Alameda Public Works Department. Here are two of the most recent press releases I wrote for the city:

I’m just starting writing for Alameda, so hopefully this will be a business relationship that will continue.

I don’t think many cities do enough promoting themselves. I can help them do this by writing press releases, managing their social media, contacting the press for coverage, and improving city websites to make them easier for citizens to navigate and get the information they need.

If you’d like to talk about how I can help your city government with press releases or other communications on a per-item fee or long-term contract, please contact me and we can go over your options.