Common Questions

How much do you charge?
My rates vary depending on the time involved and services requested. Projects can be as simple as doing some research and writing a press release or single blog post, to a package of stories that require original reporting and come with photos and videos. I don’t charge by the word or story, but for the overall time spent on a project.


Why are your prices higher than other writers?
This is not a content farm. I’m not churning out stories, or hiring low-paid writers to do my work, or rewriting what you’ll find on the Internet. I do all of the writing and reporting myself, which takes more time than you’d expect. You get what you pay for, and I offer quality stories written in a tangible way to the average consumer that will get them wanting to come back to your website to learn more. I want to keep them on your website, so engaging, thoughtful and informative copy is what I provide to keep them there.

I work fast, but I don’t price my work so low that I have to work fast to make it worth my time. I also want to take the time to capture your company’s voice, and not my own, and will discuss that with you in our initial conversation.


Do you subcontract out any work?
Not the writing, research or editing, unless the workload is high and the deadline a quick turnaround and we agree that I’ll subcontract out some of the tasks. In the end, however, I will do all of the editing. I subcontract out all video, photo and website work, and will include that in my price quote.


Can you work within my low budget?
Probably. Give me your budget and I can tailor a plan to fit it. If you only require a short blog post without original reporting and only cited online sources, that can be done. Some services can be removed from a project to reduce cost, such as more rounds of editing, promoting the article and responding to reader comments on the blog post.


What is included in the price quote?
After a conversation via email or phone to clarify what you need, a price quote will be determined that will include time spent researching, interviewing, writing, editing for revisions, responding to reader comments, promotion, and any other work you might need for the project. Those can include photos, videos, graphics, website work, social marketing, public relations, and media outreach. Any of these can be removed.


When will I get a price quote?
Within one business day of our initial conversation, which might not be necessary if the project is explained fully on the contact form.


When is payment due?
Half of the payment is due upon agreement to start a project, and the remaining half upon completion.


What payment methods do you accept?
Cash, check or PayPal.


How do we start working together?
Fill out the online form to get a price quote and I’ll be in touch within one business day.

If you have a general question, fill out a simple online contact form and I’ll still get back to you within one business day.

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