Looking to become a freelance writer?

As a freelance writer and editor for websites since 2008, and a newspaper reporter and editor for more than 20 years before that, I’ve spent my career coaching writers. Now, I’m offering this service as a freelance writing coach to help writers get freelance jobs blogging for websites.

I’ve written for such sites as AOL’s Daily Finance and Real Estate portals, Bankrate, WiseBread, U.S. News, Credit Sesame, LearnVest, AARP, MortgageLoan, Allstate,, and various insurance websites.

Whether you’ve been a writer for years and want to get more and better writing gigs online, or you’re just starting your writing career and need help figuring out how to find a few jobs to get you started, I’m offering a coaching session that will get you there.

Here’s some of what you’ll get when you take my coaching class:

Website analysis

I will check out your website to help you organize it and have everything you need on it so clients can find you and hire you. I’ll give feedback on your resume, links, portfolio, SEO and other aspects of a good freelance writer website.

Editing and much more

I’ll teach you how to write a query letter, research your best price point, find excellent sources for stories, find editors who are hiring, how to be a great freelancer who editors will want to work with, how to determine your specialty, how to promote yourself, and help budgeting your time. I’ll edit a query and writing samples.

Phone conversations

We will have two conversations on the phone: One at the start of the coaching sessions to discuss your experience, goals and how to get there, and the other a few weeks later to go over everything and get you out in the freelance writing world. Each conversation will be up to one hour. I’ll answer questions, provide advice and go over an action plan that you’ll take charge of between our talks.

An action plan

After our initial conversation, I’ll provide an action plan to help you get writing gigs. It’s a plan that you’ll need to work on for a few hours, and should be returned to me within two weeks so we can get you on your path to being a successful freelance writer.


After our last phone conversation, you can reach me for followup questions with up to five emails over the next 30 days that I’ll reply to within 24 hours. If more followup is needed after that, a secondary coaching session can be purchased at a discounted price.

Find the best gigs

The freelance economy is growing, and I want to help writers get freelance jobs that use their skills best and pay them well for their time. I’ll show you the best, and worst, places to find freelance writing work so that you don’t waste your time on websites that lead to either little work or low paying work.

If you have any questions on the freelance writer coaching I offer, please email me:

If you’re ready to become a top freelance writer, click on the big button below or go to my online store. The price is $595.